Forex Trading SMC

Assalamu alaikum

I have recently been looking into forex and it’s something that I would like to get into but have heard many mixed opinions. There is a brother I follow on instagram his name is yarimi and he does forex and has started his own course teaching others how to do forex. On his instagram page he says it’s halal and has a few reasons why he thinks it is. He does smart money concept trading and is a day trader in forex. Would it be possible to have a look into and let me know as it’s something I really would like to get into but I fear that it could be impermissible. Jazakallahu Khairan here is the link for his instagram page where in the highlights he says why it is halal. Also if you could tell us why smart money concept is halal or haram

Rafiul hoque

His fatwa on his Instagram doesn’t mention CFDs at all. You can join his course then ask him about CFDs but since he is trading you should assume that he believes it is halal and that he has got some evidence.