Forex - Halal way to trade

Salaam brother I have done a lot of research into forex and I see how it becomes haram and ways to make it halal I do the following to make it halal:
• I don’t use a broker as they charge 2% interest on every trade instead I have a private investor who has invested in me and gave me money (in dollars) to trade with (he doesn’t care about the money will shut the account down if lost over a certain amount and only wants 25% of the profit made and scales the account up every time 10% of the account value is made)
• I don’t use leverage in my trades I make sure I use a small lot size so no leverage is used and tight stop losses so not huge loses as I only risk 1% of the account plus the amount in the account is enough so leverage isn’t used
• The account is in dollars so I only trade dollar currency pairs and not pairs like GBP/JPY and I only trade with or against the dollars (for example if I was trading the currency pair USD/JPY I’d either short or long the dollar I don’t mess about with JPY)
Does this make my forex trading halal?