Football/Soccer NFT Shirt Sponsors


I have been trading football/soccer cards NFTs on a platform called sorare over the past year and I recently noticed that on some of the cards the sponsor of the football club was visible on the shirt. Some of these sponsors are companies that deal in haraam things like gambling. Does this make the contents of these NFTs haraam? If so, does that mean I have to go through my year’s worth of transactions to find out which cards have this type of haraam content and dispose of any profits?



May Allah bless you.
Some scholars may be against it, as they do see the wearing of these jerseys as impermissible too.
However, I believe that NFTs should not be treated in the same manner and therefore the fact that you can see the name of the sponsor would not matter.
The second issue however is whether it is permissible to sell these NFTs of human pictures? Scholars differ on this matter too since human pictures are considered as haram by many.

Do what you feel is right in your heart.

Kind regards

is it permissible to buy Crypto money with a credit card :thinking: