Financial Responsibility of a Husband


I have taken care of my wife and children according to my Islamic responsibility entirely, although my wife works but she has never contributed a penny to household expenses, which I understand why and have never complained. However what has actually happened is, over the last few years, my wife has accumulated good amount of savings and has now invested in a property, which she bought it only on her own name and says “Its mine”.

This is leading to a situation where she taunts me of not having any savings and swears at me quite regularly only because she is getting wealthier, she swears at me and my family even when she does not even live with them in the same house. I support my widow mother and needy family every month but my contribution to them does not amount to more than 5% of what I spend in my immediate household, even yet my wife uses that reason to swear at me and may family on a routine basis.

I have spoken to her about her behavior but all invain and she does ask me to leave my house quite regularly too when she is angry and she says she wants a divorce. I do understand my Islamic responsibility that, according to Quran, I have to pay for her expenses during “waiting period of 3 months” if we do go through divorce, however giver the above circumstances and her behavior, can I let let UK law to decide who will pay what i.e child maintenance, share of wealth etc? If I let that happen, would I do any wrong Islamically?

Thanks and Jazakumullah Khair

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May Allah bless you.
If you decide to divorce her, then you must provide for her during the iddat period as you have mentioned.
I cannot tell you not to provide for her because of what you said, as this needs to take in consideration what the other party has to say too.
The best thing to do is, for you and your wife to first speak to a scholar who will advice you both on what actions to take.

And Allah knows best!

An option can be to consult Islamic Council of Europe (chaired by Shaykh Haitam Al haddad) @

May Allah bless you and your Family.

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