Financial Responsibilities of Wife

I am a divorced Muslim mother of a 20 year old daughter (US citizen). I remarried a Muslim man with two children (Egyptian citizens) from a previous marriage. We are married 4 years. I am from the U.S. he is from Egypt where we live.

I have my own money both income and savings, and a business in the U.S. that still provides my income. I make more money than my husband.

My question:

My husband is always pressuring me to help pay for the house construction costs. I lent him $40k for the first floor and he has paid back $10k in 3 years. Now he is building the second floor and is pressuring me to help pay, not lend money for part of this project.

I feel because my daughter will have no right to receive any of this money back in inheritance and I will get a fraction of the money back if my husband passes away, I don’t want to contribute to these costs, plus he still owes me $30k. I told him I would pay for some of the furnishings and appliances etc but not the building. I need to keep my money so that I can have something to give my daughter as inheritance. He gets upset and tells me I live here why should I not pay? Why would I “invest” money in something I am guaranteed to only get a small fraction of my investment back. I am very willing to help furnish with my money to contribute.

Am I unreasonable for not helping with construction costs? Does he have a right to ask and pressure me to pay and be upset if I don’t? I thought as Muslims it is his responsibility to provide in this way,


May Allah bless you.
It all depends on the arrangement that you have with your husband regarding the house. Who does it belong to etc.
In essence, in Islam, husband is responsible to provide shelter for this wife. He has not right over the wealth owed by the wife either.

Kind regards