Financial problems with husband

Salaam Alaykum brothers and sisters
I got married almost a yea ago(alhamdulilah)
I’ve had a very hard time understanding a lot, therefore I want to try here, I’m from Denmark so sorry for my English.

Im not working because of an injury since last year. My husband works fulltime. We haven’t had our wedding or anything yet. I haven’t received any form of money from him yet. In shaa Allah maybe later.
My problem is, he keeps complaining about him having to pay rent alone, because we have to give 50% each. I stopped paying 50%, 5 months ago but I buy all the groceries every month.
He gets 3 times of what I get paid.
His mom tells him that he does not have to provide for me, if he can’t. But I know that he can with his salary, he just feels that a an providing is old school.
How do I solve this problem? Please help a sister out


May Allah bless you.
In theory, the husband must provide for his wife. This would mean that he has to pay for the rent fully and for the food you need to eat.
In practise, only you and your husband can solve this problem among yourself. If you and your husband cannot agree on something that works for both, then approach a third party that you both can trust to help you reach to an agreement.

Kind regards

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