Financial Hardship

I am married and currently struggling to make ends meet, as we have fallen into debt and I’m not able to cover my basic monthly expenses and debt payments. I continue going into the negative every month forcing me to continually go deeper into debt.

My wife is working and she keeps 100% of her income, and doesn’t contribute any money to help towards the bills or debt payments. When I ask for help from her, she constantly throws in my face that Islam says ‘A WIFE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE TO GIVE ANY OF HER ALLOWANCE TO HER HUSBAND, AND THE HUSBAND HAS TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING’.

It doesn’t seem fair or practical in this day and age for a wife not to help out, especially if she has a job where she retains all of her income, and the husband is struggling to make ends meet and is failing financially.

Additionally, I give her $350 EACH week for regular spending; food, clothes, etc. I also pay for all of her gas separately as well.

Please help me with a realistic Islamic solution to help me out of this hardship!