Financial Counselor

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

I am currently a business banker at a conventional bank with a finance degree and I have recently become Muslim and I know it’s haram. I am wanting to move careers and I saw that financial counsellors help rather than burden people with debt but it looks they deal with creditors and restructuring can you advise if it’s permissable?
In the mean time I am seeking to work in the fraud department of the bank since it I won’t be dealing with usury directly can you advise if that is halal whilst I figure out a career move.

Below is a description of the Job of a financial counselor, which are usually all employed by non for profit businesses.

Financial counsellors help people to:

understand which debts are priorities
develop budgets and money plans
understand the pros and cons of different options to manage financial issues
access grants or concessions
negotiate with creditors
access dispute resolution services
understand their rights and access legal help.