Financial Advisory

Salam, I am looking in to doing a 3 year financial advisory course starting September this year. Is this halal?

JazkhAllah Khair

Wa alaykum salaam,

Which course will you be studying?

I will be studying an online financial advisory course with my university ‘London Institute of Banking and finance’ to become a financial advisor.

The role of a financial advisor ‘recommending the most appropriate products and services available, ensuring that clients are aware of products that best meet their needs, and then securing a sale’.

I am looking to find more info regarding:

  • Is financial advisory halal, though I would be recommended interest based products? (In the long run looking to work for a sharia compliant bank)

  • Which other similar roles could I be researching with a degree in ‘Banking and Finance’?

JazakhAllah Khair