Financial accountant role - halal?

Assalamu Alaykum
Sorry if a similar question has already been dealt with on the forum but I wanted to get some advice
I have been offered a group financial reporting role for a software company. The company provides software solutions to primarily public sector organisations. The main duties of the role are the preparation of the financial statements for all entities and leading the financial statement audit from the group’s point of view. There other minor responsibilities including supporting the Groups insurance renewal.
The group is backed by a private equity firm and has acquired a lot of companies in the past few years and acquisitions is key to their growth. Many of their acquisitions would be financed by loans.
Would working in this role be considered halal? Also what about further progression roles within the company - e.g if one were to progress to financial controller, head of finance or finance director roles - would these roles be considered haram as they may involve directly signing off loan agreements? It would be good to understand to what extent one can work in a finance role in any company - specifically what responsibilities one can take and those which would be considered haram.
Many thanks