Favoritism in Vendor


Sir, I have different scanior in which I would like to seek help and guidance. I work in a company on a post where I have to give work order to various vendors depending on their, some price competition, some time limitations, some quality assurance/trust, some easiness. In this scanior, can I give a work order to any company which registered on my brother and wife name, in which they are meeting and competing on some price competition, some on time limitations. Is it halal for my wife bcoz after my job timing sometimes I also help her in searching/completing some tasks which were given by my company/me.
Looking for detailed guidance

Assalaamu alaykum,

This depends on your contract and terms you’ve agreed with your employer. You should speak to your employer to address any conflicts of interest.

Allah knows best

My employer has changed the status of all its contractual employees (me contractual) on third party contracts