Ethereum and long term positions

As-salamu alaykum,

A little background…

I’ve been in cryptocurrecies since mid 2017, I’ve always tried to steer clear of interest bearing positions, on lending platforms and such, I’m not a leverage trader either (I’ve tried but it feels like too much of a gamble to me). I evaluate the application of the currency, it’s supply/inflation etc and whether or not it will be useful in the future, all my positions were decided like this. I’ve held my positions through its ups (took some profits) and downs because I genuinely believe it will become a lot more adopted and be a lot more useful in the future, look at PayPal for example:
However, if it’s haram I will exit it without hesitation.

The dilemma…

I have tokens like Ethereum and there are many gambling and lending platforms built on top of it with their own tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20), I’m concerned about whether or not holding the Ethereum token could be considered as supporting gambling?

I’m also interested in decentralized autonomous organizations and decentralized exchanges but not sure if it’s permissible, what’s your opinion on these?

I’ll really appreciate any guidance.

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same question was also in my mind dear before , As per my thinking and opinion , the reason you choose will not make ethereum in haram category because let say we cant put a cocount oil production company in haram category because some people use cocount oil for idle worship.

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