Etf halal o haram?

Salam aleyukum, can i invest in etf? for example, if I invest $ 200 a month for 70 years that makes me 8% or 12% a year and in 70 years I find myself with 100 million is it legitimate? please answer me
thank you

please tell me if buying etf is haram or halal and how should i behave thanks

Salaam Saif,

ETF’s can be Halal as well, depending on the underlying investments. There are some great articles on IFG about some of the halal ETF’s.

As an aside, in theory if you had an ETF making 12% consistently for 70 years (that ROI is completely unheard of) would grow to £85 million theoretically if no money is ever withdrawn. In practice 7% ROI is a more reasonable estimate for such a long period.

70 years is a very long time for you to keep investing this without taking anything out. A more reasonable estimate is probably 20-40 years. Happy investing!

thank you so much for the reply brother. When you talk about the underlying investments of ETFs what exactly do you mean? What are the criteria for defining a hala ETF and consequently the entire investment? Thanks in advance

ETF’s are formed of underlying investments (stocks).

Different stocks can be halal or haram.

Here is a comprehensive article from IFG on this topic:

thank you so much brother!