Equity Research Business/Job

Assalam u alaikum.

I need your guidance regarding working in Equities research and analysis in following cases:

(A) If someone is employed by a financial services company in an Equity research role, where the primary job is to conduct research on companies and identifying buying and selling opportunities. Is this halal or haram?

(B) If someone has a business of his own where the primary sourceof generating income is providing investment advice in stocks to the general public through coverage of financial news and undertaking analysis of various companies. Is this halal or haram?

Thank you in advance for your guidance. Regards,


May Allah bless you.
In both cases, my understanding is that your research and advice, will have a direct impact on the decision of an investor.
The issue will be, whether you are assisting investors in purchasing non shariah compliant stocks. If you are, then the role will be impermissible.

However, if you have your own business, then you might want to consider creating a service, for shariah compliant investments.

And Allah knows best!