Engineering job

Recently I have been suffering from doubts and maybe waswas. I feel so down and depressed. I alaways had an intention to make a halal living and now im seeing problems. As a structural engineer working at power plant or waste water treatment, I am only desiging the place by using engineering methods. thats it. Howver, once the powerplant or other industry is constructed, somone else (not me) might use it to supply power or water to chruches or banks. HOWEVER, the majority is going to be halal industries. if my job is haram cause of this, it means that living in the west is impossible. Theres a hadith that our prophet pbh let the christains pray in a mosque. Is my job excusable because basically I cant avoid any of this and earning an income would be impossible. may allah change my life and my depression and doubts

Assalaamu alaykum dear brother,

There is no such concept in Islam as the one you are referring to. You cannot be held responsible for what happens from lawful work that you do.

Be happy and continue doing your job. Perform your prayers, be good to everyone around you, and Insha’Allah it will be most beneficial for you. Do not be over concerned with issues that you are raising.

I feel gulty in overloading you with questions but insha’ Allah this is the last one.
What about churches or banks in their engineering?

Wa alaykum salaam,

There is a valid view among some jurists they engineering work of churches or banks is acceptable.