Employee Share Options

Can you please advise on the Islamic perspective in the following scenario:

A Company offers its employees the option to purchase company shares as part of its remuneration package. It allows you to put £100 of your monthly salary to purchase shares and runs a buy one get one free scheme on those shares.

A person bought these shares for two years, only to find out later, that the shares fail the financial ratio screening as outlined elsewhere on the IFG forum.

Can these shares be purified in anyway? How does one treat the shares purchased? What about the additional shares received as part of the buy one get one free scheme? Is there any consideration given to the value of the share price at purchase vs at sale?

Some clarification on this issue would be highlighted appreciated in order to appropriately dispose of the shares and and cash from their sale.


I have the same question and i am following this thread now.
Company business is fully shariah compliant 99% or so - for e.g. a purely technology company. but I found after 5 years that they fail the debt ratio and that is a consideration for Islamic Stocks. What to do with the gain etc.