Drop servicing ( want to know haram ot no

I heard from a muffti that drop servicing is halal but i want to work is a specific drop servicing
Ill give an example…

I go to someone in any social media platform and ask him if he want followers and i charge him 200$( maybe ill change the price) .And the thing is i buy the followers
for 100$ and exchange them to him.

So is that haram or no

I can not say if it is haram or not.

For me it sounds like a service and not a product.
Obviously, there is no thing of “selling something you do not posses”, when you sell a service.

But as far as I know, social media plattforms do not allow to buy and sell likes. They also do not allow to be used by bots.
I read some fatawa that do not allow faking likes.