DPR, FITFI, XCAD, CWS, MXC, COIN98 & CAKE are halal?

Are those coins halal to invest in: DPR, FITFI, XCAD, CWS, LUNA, MXC, COIN98 & CAKE.
Below is my research.
The way I do it is by checking coinmarketcap notes, their website notes, whitepaper and checking other platforms too.
DPR: they do mining pool
FITFI: they mentioned Farm in the website but I can’t see more details.
XCAD: they mentioned: yield farm. not sure if it’s haram!
CWS: they have yield farming.
COIN98: it’s a coin to coin98 platform. They deal with: yield farming, lending/ borrowing and some Islamic websites say it’s haram.
MXC: It seems ok for me. they didn’t mention anything re farming or pool.
CAKE: the cake platform deals with farming, lending. borrowing, and some Islamic websites said it’s haram.
LUNA: re the old one some Islamic website said its haram. I can’t see anything wrong with the new one.

In your website you mentioned that VeChain is halal but they trade/deal with wine businesses?! This is not a halal brother.