Diversifying portfolio

Assalamu Alaikum,
Just wanted some thoughts on diversifying portfolio. I currently hold a stocks and shares ISA with AJ Bell invested in a HSBC shariah fund. Maxed out ISA for this year. I would like to put some more money away- Is it worth putting it in a Wahed portfolio or am I just paying more to put it in same companies?

Salaams, thats a really good question and something I am interested in finding out as well.

I’m have broadly done following : 60% stocks, 40% ‘bonds’.

60% Stocks: a mixture of Shariah Compliant ETF, and Active Funds - global.

40% ‘bonds’: 20% Property, 10% Gold, 10% Infrastructure

Ideally, the ‘bonds’ needed to have negative correlation to stocks.

My experience so far:

  1. with recent gold prices sky rocketing, it has been a good negative correlation to stocks.
  2. both property and infrastructure have followed a similar trend to stocks so I have been disappointed in these.

Walikum as salam,

you may find below videos useful

  1. Do it your self:

  2. Building simple portfolio:

if you like the idea then you should be able to mimic a shariah version yourself.

May Allah bless you