Disposing of insurance money


i had a couple of situations around claiming dental and health benefits:
1 - employer had required mandatory benefits with a premium charged. as an employee i wanted to get my money back but overall ended up claiming more in health and dental claims than what i paid in premiums
2 - similar to 1) but it was optional as a student and I forgot to opt-out sometimes. Now, I don’t know if my total claims has exceeded my premiums or not - some semesters i had no claims and others I did.

in both these cases, i’m assuming the money received minus premiums paid must be given away is that correct? And does it have to be given to someone zakat eligible?



May Allah bless you.

  1. If you can afford to give away any excess, then it would be entirely up to you and praiseworthy. If you can’t afford to repay, then just keep the intention at least.

  2. If you can’t work out, then make a guesstimate and give something away. If you are confident that you did not claim more than what you have contributed then don’t worry about it.

And Allah knows best!