Degiro cash account

Salem ,degiro has set up a cash account is it allowed?Barakallahofikom

I contacted them today.
The money you have on the account is either in money market funds or in a bank account that you can ask them to create (new thing appearently).

In both ways there is negative interest that you pay automatically. Degiro compensates till e2500. But even, it is about the principle of having payed interest. Does not change anything even if they compensate even 1million euros (so haram as far as I am considered, but my words are not binding). I am switching to Saxobank. Till 100k euro no interests. Considering Etoro also but have to call them

For any of the sheiks @Mufti_Faraz_Adam @Mufti_Billal: Is there ANY way to bet against gold prices on a halal way? I even looked for USD/CHF that is negatively correlated, but without leverage thats worth nothing. And FX itself (even spot) problematic ofourse. The only way I see is via leveraged ETF’s on like saxobank. But these are haram because they are derivates right? But I read a post where ustad Bilal @Mufti_Billal says there a halal derivates availabale? So is there a way to short gold in anyway? Or use leverages with any halal derivates (there are derivatives shorting an ETF even)?


Barakallahofik ,degiro is not compatible even if it is a custody account?
And which platform are allowed ?,please