Decentraland MANA

Assalm alykum. Is MANA (Decentraland) halal to invest in? @Mufti_Faraz_Adam or @Mufti_Billal , could you brothers help please?, it seems many companies putting huge money in metaverse

@Mufti_Faraz_Adam or @Mufti_Billal
As-salam-alykum. I am also interested to know your opinion on MANA.

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Yes also about sandbox and other metaverse projects like raca

salam elykoum everyone i hope you are ok i have a very important question please i have been in crypto for about 1 year and i want to invest in the metaverse for both decentraland mana and sandbox tokens , just hold the chips, except that I learned that a casino company has just bought a piece of land or pacerelle land that the game offers to thousands of people and companies who can buy these pieces of virtual land in games, and players have the option to play in those cases with real cryptocurrency, well, I don’t touch it, but my question is, is it halal or haram to invest in these two tokens SAND AND MANA?

Yes, I’m too. I would like to know if it is halal to invest in Metaverses such as Mana and Sandbox.