Day trading crypto without margin

assalamou alaikom,
i know there are issues when daytrading with normal stocks, because it takes 3 days for the cash to settle, and if you make a new trade in those 3 days you are lending money with riba.
is this the same case with crypto? if i make a spot trade and sell, and 10 seconds later i enter a trade with the crypto i sold, am i ‘‘lending’’ crypto when i bought and entered in the second trade?
may allah bless you all

can anyone shed any light on this topic @Mufti_Faraz_Adam please. I am also interested in this and can see others are as well. see Crypto spot trading is halal or haram? - #2 by Nihap.

Do any forum members daytrade cryptos?

On a separate note, are stop losses halal, whether in bitcoin trading or shares