Daddy coin and TRW

Asalam alykum,

Andrew Tate has a coin called $Daddy and an online ducational platform called the real world. He says he plans on allowing staking on Daddy coin in order to generate TRW(the real world) token and at some stage with release an air drop for students of the real world where the amount of tokens you get gives you a percentage ownership in the real world. There are some money making methods taught inside the real world which are Haram and some that are fine.

So my question is as follows, is daddy coin halal and will ownership in the real world via the token air drop be halal money?

This is going to become a huge topic of discussion so I wanted to get a head start on things.

Jazak Allah khair

Assalamualaikum brother… can you tell me when you get the answer plz? I’m also having the same doubt

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Hello brothers,

Any update?