Cur8 investment - Shariah compliance

Salam aleykoum brothers @Mufti_Faraz_Adam @Mufti_Billal @ibrahimkhan

I really want to invest in 3 projects but before, I would like to make sure that my money is invested in something 100% halal. Please don’t take this the wrong way, I would just like to clear up any doubt

  1. I would like to invest in the following two Cur8 projects: Acorn property group wakala note and Rasmala UK property fund. Acorn claims they are audited by Amanah advisors for their shariah portfolio but I am unable to find a Shariah compliance certificate on the site. Could you please confirm that this is true?

  2. Regarding Rasmala project, is there any shariah board that confirmed that they are using only interest free debt and that they are fully shariah compliant ?

  3. The last project is not a Cur8 project but maybe you can help me, it is Minted gold. I want to invest in gold and I saw that there is a Muslim company called Minted that can buy it physically for me. I asked and they told me that they were audited by Amanah advisors until 2020. And they told me that they didn’t reniew the shariah compliance audit because their process is very easy and there is no real added value for them.

Could you please confirm their version ? Is it something safe and easy, far from haram ?
I want to invest but I am afraid of falling in riba.

May Allah reward you the highest level of Jannah