Crypto Question: Token screening service

ASalaam. There seems to be a general consensus within the muslim community on the validity of holding/ dealing/ transacting with certain, at times newly formed coins.

Although initially the roadmap of the project initially seems simple and halal, there may be pivots/ partnerships that may question the project from an islamic perspective and would require an islamic professional to review this for us.

Is there a service you offer/ could offer, maybe an ongoing service where coins we general muslim community intend to or have expressed interest in are vetted and given the ok from islamic perspective?


May Allah bless you.
We don’t do token screening at IFG unfortunately. I am not sure if it will be offered in the future at this stage. @ibrahimkhan can confirm.

Otherwise, there is a paid service offered by

Kind regards

Salam Mufti Billal I have tried contacting via email but it doesn’t seem to work. I noticed you are one of the advisor on the team how do I go about requesting screening services? Jazakallah

Please contact me via
[email protected]


No paid services/ no promotion
You can share your project that you want to screen out here [email protected]
I might help you out in this regard just with intention of help nothing else