Crypto Question: Shariah complaint?


I have a question regarding etoro so they offer some cryptos which only they offer i believe i have attached a link which shows all their pairs which they offer. could you please help me understand if these are permissable to invest in


May Allah bless you.
The link shows trading pairs of cryptocurrencies. This in itself is permissible provided it is done within shariah parameters.
Whether this is achieved on the etoro platform, I could not tell you personally.
@Mufti_Faraz_Adam is taking part in the development of a shariah compliant crypto assets exchange.

And Allah knows best!

salam mufti

Regarding the pairs i was wondering if you could help see if this pair is shariah complaint


Assalaamu alaykum,

Can you share a link on exactly what they mean by “trading pairs”? This terminology is similar to Forex where pairs traded means trading through CFDs.

please find llink below

by trading pair it means trading the currency to another currency. which still gives you full ownership of the asset but youre simply just buying it in one crypto to purchase another crypto.

If there is actual exchange of Crypto-assets, then trading ZARX/JPYX will be permissible.

Allah knows best

Salam Alaikoum,

For information, etoro is an Israel company