Crypto Question: Pulling Out Crypto Liquidity

Assalamu’Alaikum. Recently, me & my friends launched a Crypto Coin on top of Binance Smart Chain (similar to ETH). We were able raise 66 BNB in presale and added 85% of it to the PancakwSwap Liquidity Pool (similar to Uniswap) and locked for 4 years. After few weeks our token become trendy and our pool had 500+ BNB. But our wallet developer scammed us (we were launching our own wallet apps) and we just left the project. Then people started selling and the pool went to 200 BNB and there is almost zero trading nowadays.

So, my question is when the liquidation unlocks (4 years later) if I take out that 200 BNB from the liquidity, the money would be Halal for me?

How liquidity works: