Crypto Question: POS (Stable Coin )

First of all many thanks to Mufties for the explanation of the POS in general in another topic mentioned before

My question is related to POS in case for Stable coin that you get Reward paid for the Stable coin daily from Gnerating new block And transaction fees from the block chain
So my question is this method halal or not since it same idea that I got understand from topic related to POS before and in this case you get reward percentage for Stable coin due to the generating block and fees from block chain and also you do not need to block for duration so you have freedom to withdraw

Please may you answer me I want to clarify is the concept fine and also the fund it is under your control totally and reward daily

Please may you answer my question since it is not related to any specific coin only the type

Assalaamu alaykum,

It is not possible to offer generic views on such matters as the application depends on the specific token type.

Token is stable coin used in decentralized exchange and this coin get fees from transaction the coin it self when you stake it your validating the block and get rewards from fees it is this case

We understand this, but it’s unwise to offer generic views on such things since this area is continuously developing and people can easily generalise when such matters cannot be generalised.

Allah knows best

Because I did Qyas to what I have understand before from the discussion of POS before also I avoid any term related to yield farming even now they have flamingo case and it is cross chain yielding I avoided it and I do not know if it really permissible or not because it was not too much clear for me to do Qyas

I don’t know if this example clarifies the question. Coinbase has a reward system that you can hold your USDC coins and in return you get 10% reward annually for holding it. However you may withdraw your coins anytime without loosing your rewards for the period you hold coins. Is this kind of interest or POS?

But in this case is different the stable coin get mined block and fees interms of POS so you are doing a work here not like saving account you deposit and get 10percent in this case your fund with you any time you can get it