Crypto Question: Peer to peer cryptocurrency trading - is it halal to charge higher prices?

Assalamu Alaykum

Is it permissible to sell fiat for cryptocurrency? For example if I sell USDT for UAE dirhams? The rate for one dollar is AED 3.67.

Would it be halal to sell at a higher price? For example if I sell it at a rate of AED 3.70 for one USDT?


May Allah bless you.

Yes it is permissible to trade cryptocurrency for fiat as longer as, the shariah rules regarding currency exchange are observed.

And Allah knows best!

between us, are you more like Red or Yellow M&M?


Jazakallah for the response.

Definitely more like the red :grinning:

lol always want to win eh?
May Allah increase you knowledge.

Ya sheikh, how do i know if you give out the application for cryptocurrencies trade in Islam.

Barakallah fik,

I did not understand your question sorry?

Salaam. Reminder that you have not clarified the question. Is it resolved?