Crypto invest from derived product

Salam aleikum everyone

My question is the following concerning a crypto judged HALAL according to your list.

The crypto in question is: CRO (

The token in question is considered halal, however the site indicates that part of the income is obtained from derivative products (which is haram)

My question is the following :

-can we invest and stack CRO on this platform. Are we affected via earnings by derivatives.

Thank you. And ALLAH knows best


May Allah bless you.
I believe that at the moment the CRO token can be used to trade and hold but cannot be used for staking purposes or derive a profit/income from their haram activities.

And Allah knows best!

Is it possible to use CRO’s DEFI WALLET platform to stack crypto or should it also be avoided if the company uses derivatives (exchange).
I speak of course of staker of other accepted cryptos such as COSMOS?