Crypto currency

( Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakathu) I want to know weather can I invest in crypto currency because I have seen all the fatwa articles which were posted. Still I haven’t got any clear idea. Because I want to ensure that my investment is halal 100%. I am interested on buying (bit torrent tokens & polygon) these are new crypto currency.

Is dogecoin haraam as it has a dogs imagine I saw a fatwa declaring online chess haraam because of being devoted to images. Dogecoin is also non on the sharia crypto list

Some say yes, some say no. The forum admins and the Muftis here are of the opinion crypto is halal.

As for DOGE, it is halal in my opinion. However, don’t invest in it. That would be a very bad financial decision. The coin was made as a joke, it has no future and it has no active development. Invest in coins that have actual value.

Allah SWT knows best

What about the dog image issue? Bitcoin abd orher cryptos don’t use animal symbols.