Crowd to live house finance

Salam alyikum Borthers,

I have checked through finance guru website , there is article about crowd to . which finance property through crowd funding , usually i have to pay 10 k deposit and pay rent for shares that idnot own of the house. after 3 months they will ask me to buy more shares , however my rent will go down if buy more shares and will go up after year based (Consumer Price Index) + 0.5% per annum. Now I am not entirely sure if this is Islamic presumable or not .
Many thanks

Wa alaykum salaam,

There is no Shariah board or Shariah advisor overseeing their product, and as such, no comment can be made on the Sharia compliance of the product.

Allah knows best

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Mufti sahab, can you please let me know if AXS and ALICE coins are halal.

Thank you