Credit Risk Control Officer - Standard Chartered Bank


I had a question about my job role. I work in Standard Chartered Bank as a Assistant Manager in Credit Risk control. Below are some of the roles I carry out on a day to day basis.

• Managed the second line quality assurance process
• Monitored employee compliance with company’s risk management advice and all associated policies, designed to ensure that the bank identifies and manages risk appropriately.
• Developed a new process for employee evaluation involving early alert reporting and review
• Analysed and audited business applications and managed robust file reviews for advice and file quality.
• Managed Key Risk Indicator (KRI), Assurance Checks and Governance Checks, and oversaw all documentation.
• Produced bi-monthly and monthly reports to monitor items with high risk and supported Chief Operating officer with daily operational functions.
• Responsible for all Controlled Sample Testing (CST) and Key Control Indicator (KCI) checks, which resulted in the bank receiving an audit result of Outstanding.
• Managed oversight on all KCI and CST checks. Managed and monitored all hub work and collated risk data.
• Attended and contributed to Credit Issue Committee
• Provided verbal and written feedback to colleagues and managers, delivering suggestions for improvements, as well as advice on the ongoing adherence to risk control, governance and business standards and outcomes.
• Produced reports on quality assurance outputs and regularly presented findings on area of concern.
• Oversaw all reporting, documentation and recordkeeping requirements for the department.
• Supported Chief Operating Officer with all daily operational functions; coordinated Senior Management meetings, and project managed adhoc departmental projects.
• Prepared and presented Daily Excess and Past Due Loan reports to Senior Credit Officers.
• Liaised with and assisted Relationship Managers on the renewal of expiring security documents, and uploading of security documentation into internal documentation library (i-cdms).
• Managed upload of all Vital documentation, i.e.: Guarantees, Letter of Comforts and Facility Agreements for the bank to view.
• Managed additional responsibilities relating to covenants, conditions, risk triggers monitoring, collateral monitoring, and periodic credit monitoring.

I just wanted to confirm the permissibility of my job role.

Would love to hear your response regarding this.


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