Credit Card Company

I am in the UK. I work for a Credit Card Company Finance division. They do not issue credit cards here in the UK. I work for Finance department. Is this job halal?

I have been working in the UK since 2007. It is almost impossible to find a company which is Sharia compliant when you are working in Finance. The least one will have is to calculate interest payment or revenue from alcohol or other Haram things. I am not fit to work as a labourer or something like that. So it is not that straight forward. I worked in hotel finance. They sell alcohol and pork etc.

Assalaamu alaykum,

What exactly do you do? What is your job role?

Assalamualaikum Brother. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
Below is my job description:
• Perform bank posting, bank reconciliations and credit control. Daily bank management for cash
flow movement.
• Collect and set up daily and weekly payments for multi-currency merchants.
• Identify Direct Debit transaction for various bank accounts.
• Review invoices coding and expenses claims for authorisation and setting up payments.
• Check FX rate and upload to the system.
• Ensure the reconciliation of the inter change file and settlement report.
• Downloading daily WEB-EDI reports, SIA reports in a timely manner in currency order, provide list
and record of the chargebacks, assist to prepare Merchant Service Commission reports and
• Provide assistance in the completion of the annual financial accounts to ensure correct
• Updating purchase ledger posting, including supplier’s invoices and bank payments.
• Prepare recharge invoices.
• Ensure that financial explanations are provided in a way that is easy to understand for non-
finance team members.
• Corporate card settlement and chasing individuals to complete their corporate usage report for
UK and branches.
• Perform and submit annual PSA report.
• Updating VAT schedule for quarterly VAT returns.
• Updating, posting, reconciliation, and dispatching of Processing Fee invoice.
• Support the preparation for the annual audit as required.
• Prepare ad hoc reports that address operational requirements.
• Perform other related tasks as assigned by line manager and management and to meet business
• Use Data Flow and SAP Accounting Software