Creating a new website

Hey, I’d like to create a new website, but I’m not sure if there’s any islamic issue with this website.

The main idea of it is that you gather “gems”, gems are obtained by many ways, the first way is that the website gives you 5 every hour, the second way is that you can refer users, the third way is that you complete offers, the forth way is that you gamble your gems. Please keep in mind that you can’t purchase gems with any real money.

With gems you open “boxes”, boxes may contained different prizes, some of them include, a few pennies, a few dollars, an empty box.

Your goal is to open boxes until you gather $500 on the website, when you gather $500 you can cash it out.

Is there anything wrong with this website? Again, please keep in mind that gems can not be purchased using real money, nor can anything be purchased using real money. The only real money involved in this is the money you get paid when you reach $500 on the website.

Wa alaykum salaam,

What service will the website be providing?

It seems that the gems are simply like points.

The gambling option you’ve mentioned is of course problematic.

What needs to be reviewed is your business model.

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There is no service provided. The website gets paid via the offers completed, it’s also commonly known as “CPA” which stands for cost per action. Also the gambling isn’t for any real money.

a similar website to the one I’d like to make is “

Please reply to me whenever you can. Thank you :slight_smile: @Mufti_Faraz_Adam

So the website gets money from the offers, and then provides rewards from these offers to certain people based on certain milestones?

And the gambling doesn’t have to be for money, it can be for anything with some monetary value within any ecosystem.

Yes exactly, when users complete offers the website gains money and the user gets gems. gems open boxes, boxes may or may not contain a few cents to a few dollars within them. When a user gathers $500 they can cashout.

The gems carry no mandatory value, they are just used to open boxes. Also gems can’t be bought using real money.

Assalmu alikum,

I have not gotten a response yet. I would really appreciate if you can let me know as soon as possible.

@Mufti_Faraz_Adam I don’t know whether I should make this website or not. Can you please assist me?

This seems not permissible to me @belalhany1 - reason is because actual encashment of the gems will take place and there is an element of gambling in obtaining that money.

What if I change it so that it’s something that requires skill to complete?

For example, you pay 5 gems to start a maze, if you complete the maze you get 10 gems, if you don’t complete it you get nothing.

Not a mufti, but that sounds more acceptable!