Counterparty risk and premining staking

As Salam Aleykum,

I have been active in Crypto Space for a few years now and alhamdulillah I know the most basic shariah opinions on crypto rulings… however I am currently facing a debacle which gives me no peace to sleep.

There is a project A that offers derivative. I did not know that at the time of my investment. I also did not invest in the company itself but they have attracted new customers with a so-called premining staking. They pay users their newly mined tokens when they deposit their funds in their smart contracts, so you can paid for literally doing nothing. They don’t work with your money neither do they give a interest on it…

However, I have now found out that once the premining phase ends, the smart contracts pools owning that funds will act as a counter risk party to the positions of the derivatives (perpetual contracts). nevertheless, they are not lent in the true sense, but they are supposed to hedge the market positions in general . For doing this task, I get staking mining tokens from the team, just like back then during the premining phase. A guarantee that I will receive fees for my service is not assured. The only thing that is guaranteed are the mining tokens that I get through staking my tokens in the pool.

After days of research, I unfortunately did not find a satisfactory answer, because the concept of this type of investment does not seem to be uncovered by anyone.

unfortunately, I need an answer for the next 2 weeks, because when the premining phase ends and before they make out of them counter-risk hedge pools,there I have the opportunity to withdraw my funds without any penalty fees.

Baarakullahu Feekum.

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I would like to have a detailed answer that exactly addresses my issue. If someone who has studied Islamic Finance can help (e.g. Mufti, Scholar) me out, I would send him 0.05 Ether as a thank you beside thanking Allah in my dua for sending him to me…

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Walaikam asalam.
You invested in a sharia compliant crypto.
It’s now turning non compliant so therefore take your initial plus profits and move onto your next investment.
You don’t need to purify your profits, as the haram aspect hasn’t been initiated yet.

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Well… the APY are attractive but my heart already told me that there is something not legitim about this whole story…I will stick to your advise. Once the premining staking is converted to hedging and derivative counterrisk, I will be allowed to unlock my funds and I will do so. Baarakullahu feek. I will send you the 0.05 Ether as thanks.

Edit: Sent