Converting crypto on Coinbase

Assalam 'alaikoum,

Is converting crypto to another crypto halal ? Here is what Coinbase claims about the conversion system.

The conversion feature in Coinbase Wallet provides users with an easy to use trading interface located at the top of the home page. That allows them to quickly convert the crypto held in their Wallet on decentralized exchanges otherwise known as DEXes.

DEXes are protocols running on the Ethereum blockchain that enable an easy way to convert ERC-20 tokens. When you use this feature, you send your funds directly from your self custodied Wallet to a DEX service like Uniswap or without using a centralized exchange like Coinbase or Binance.

This feature is available to all Coinbase Wallet users and does not require ID verification to access. Please note that this feature is an ERC-20 feature and does not support cross-chain or non ERC-20 transactions. Likewise this feature does not support fiat to crypto trades or direct bank account transactions.

I am sorry if the question is simple, but it’s bothering me. I guess it’s the same thing than buying and selling in those spot. Can you provide me some help please ? Mufti Faraz ?