Contracting (not employed) at a Bank

I have a question about working in a Bank (in Australia) in the IT department, which manages the bank’s IT security. I have read your forum and other related topics on the matter.

How is to work for a bank (riba - based) in a contract role? Like for example I am an IT professional and I have services to offer and take on contracts to work on. A bank needs my services and I go on a 12month contract and work there, after which the contract either gets renewed or stopped based on the project. I get no benefits from the bank like sick leave, annual leave etc. I get paid on a per day basis on the hours I clock on into the timesheet.

The reason I ask this question, which the answer may seem obvious to, is because you have individuals who do similar activities… like there maybe a Plumbing professional, Electrical professional who work on contracts and those contracts may be at someone’s house, or possibly a RIBA-based bank where they can go and do such jobs. Isn’t my situation no different from this?

(I am sorry, I am not challenging the existing fatwas, I just wanted to understand from contract work point of view if the ruling changes)