Compliance Analyst. Is this job Halal?

Hope you are all well.

Wondering if you can help.

I currently work for an Investor Services Company (Financial Services). Their work is: “global custody and execution, investment administration, digital platform technology and complex cross-custodian reporting services to the entire spectrum of the wealth management market.” They use sub-custodians/banks to keep hold of client money. I work as a Compliance Analyst. I review policies and make sure regulatory requirements are abided to by staff. I’m to monitor news updates of banks/credit ratings etc and flag if they affect us. Some tasks involved with AML/KYC checks where I review High Risk or politically exposed customers for risks to the business/financial crime before accepting clients. This means the job requires to review customers source of wealth/funds which can include impermissible sources islamically but aren’t illegal in the UK. Im also required to give commentary on the customer.

Can I ask if this job is permissible ? I’d happily give more detail if needed or even a call. Apologies for the long paragraph, not sure how to approach this.