Collecting dividends/reinvesting dividends

AssalamuAlaykum Mufti Saab,
I pray and hope that you all are doing well InshAllah!

Just had a quick question Mufti Saab,

Is it allowed for us to become a Dividend investor? Can we collect or reinvest the dividends we receive from stocks we own?

For example stocks like Apple who pay $ .82 cents annually per share, are we allowed to use that .82cents/share?

Sorry, I’m a new investor and saw and read a little about dividends are profits one makes from their share in the company but read how overtime these can “compounding interest” and I wasn’t sure if that was permissible or not.

Please advise,
JazakAllah Khair & May Allah SWT accept your efforts.


May Allah bless you.
As longer as the dividends is generated from halal investment, you can collect or reinvest it accordingly.

And Allah knows best!