Collectables TV/Non TV


I am interesting in purchasing collectable items brand new and from car boot sales/auction sites that are (mostly Western) culturally significant and will hope that they will increase in price and I can sell them on.


  1. Stamps and coins. However there is not a great deal of intrinsic value in the item itself. The value is based on the engraving/picture on the coin and stamps. Often these can be pictures of people/animals and based on TV shows such as Disney/Marvel etc. Would purchasing such items be permissible?

  2. Would the views for the above also apply to magazines/toys etc from TV shows?

  3. What about stamps/coins/toys/magazines that are of non living things but again from TV shows?

  4. I am assuming that collectables depicting other culturally significant items such as cars, inventions etc. are clearly permissible?

Many thanks

Assalaamu alaykum,

  1. As long as the picture itself is halal, you can purchase such collectibles.

  2. Same as above.

  3. Same as above.

  4. That is right.

Allah knows best