Children's savings- please help someone who wants a simple solution :)

Assalaamu alaikum

I have read through previous threads on children’s savings. Some recommend a DIY investment but that’s not for me. Others recommend AJ Bell Junior ISA- are they a reliable investment?

Sorry if that’s like me asking if HSBC are a well known bank- I’m really new to all of this!! So would be good to get some assurance that AJ Bell are a reliable solid investment fund. Basically I want something that is not high risk nor low risk, and something with decent returns.

Also is there an article that explains the basics of how Junior ISAs are halal and what we should look for? I’m sure anyone can get a Sharia stamp if they want one, so what should I look for to assure me that a fund really is Sharia compliant?


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I’d also like an answer to this please, specifically to any junior ISAs that use the HSBC Islamic Global Equity fund, or track the Dow Jones Islamic Titans index some other way.