Cashback on Sim Only contracts


I have a question around cashback on phone contracts.
There are websites that offer cashback when you purchase a phone contract through them. (For example

At certain months during the contract, you have to go on the website, send your bill and you receive the cashback. The cashback is a fixed amount, for example £100 cashback to be claimed during a 12 month contract. The cashback is claimed during specific months, upto £100. There is a 60 day window for you to claim the cashback.

Was wondering if this is permissible?

Waaliakum assalaam,

There are many websites that offer cashback deals on purchasing from an online store. The amount of cashback is different on different websites and it also depends on the type of product and brand.

I think it is permissible because you can get a reward for all of the products that you purchased online, so it’s kind of a return back which helps you for future shopping as well.