Cashback earned through online transaction

Assalamu alaikum,
Respected ulemas here in India many online shopping websites offer cashback for purchase made through their website.
I want to know

  1. is it permissible to use that cashback
  2. sometimes they offer instant discounts on particular debit /credit cards , is it allowed to avail such offers?
  3. Amazon India gives cashback if we add money to its wallet (we are not purchasing anything just adding money to wallet)
    Is it permissible to avail such an offer??

Jazakallah khair

Thanks to administration/moderator for creating such a wonderful platform so that everyone can get the knowledge easily.

May Allah reward you abundantly aameen

Assalaamu alaykum,

Cashback in many instances is permissible where a company shares commission that they receive from the ultimate vendor.

However, we cannot comment on your specific cashback scheme. As always, these things always need to be reviewed to be sure.