Can I use my bank empolyee shares ownership plan?

Assalam o alaikum mufti sahib.

I am employed in a Canadian bank as an IT worker and part of my compensation includes the possibility to buy common shares of the bank and put those contributions into a retirement saving plan (RRSP).

The plus point in doing these voluntary contributions would be to get a match from the bank of 60% of the amount that I contribute. So for every dollar, the bank would contribute 0.60 cents.

Since this would go in purchasing banks shares and the contributions would get invested, the earnings would grow with the bank shares value.

Beside the fact that I had (have) doubts about the halal-ness of my job (i have read different opinions on the internet), my question is that if it is halal to utilize this benefit from the bank and contribute part of my compensation towards the bank ownership plan.

Jazak Allah khair.

@Mufti_Billal or @Mufti_Faraz_Adam any suggestion on this?