Can I do dropshipping in this manner?

Will it be halal for me to do shopify dropshipping if I follow the below rules to combat the 2 main issues regarding salam and liability within dropshipping?:

  • (refer to salam sale) I create a shopify store and list my product on it the exact description, weight, price and estimated delivery times/dates that they’ll recieve the product. The customer will pay my marked up price on the standardisedproduct which will include the cost of shipping fees that I, the dropshipper, pay to supplier for shipping the product. This is so that from the customer’s perspective it is free shipping they are getting.

  • After customer purchases my product on my site, I order the exact product the customer purchased. I will order it from china, using shopify software integration which will order the requested products in 1 click for me with the customer details. The supplier in china will then deliver the product to the customer.

  • I have looked legally/commercially online regarding as to who bears the liability with the products. I believe depending on the laws in your country, most of the time, its the retailer/importer of the products who is liable to the customer for damages/ defects etc. I believe its because often the supplier/manufacturer is in a different country with different laws so the customer cannot really sue the manufacturer./supplier Commercially speaking, the retailers have usually been sued by customers in the past for problems with the products. The retailer then sues the manufacturer/supplier for default products.

With that said, would it be halal if I just accept liability of products? For example, if the item has not been delivered on the estimated date or has arrived defected, I will act as point of reference for customer try to resolve the issue either by paying the customer a refund or an appropriate compensation to make up for said issues?

Also when referring to the delivery date in the salam sale, does the date have to be an exact date such 14th August 2022 or can it be along the lines of “estimated delivery times are upto 2 weeks after confirmation” ?