Bying crypto from traders


Is it halal to buy cryptocurrency from someone who participate in trading? Generally people use margin, futures in trading and may use haram cryptocurrencies.

Their cryptocurrencies most likely come from gains from trading like margin or futures but it may also come simply from the rise of the price of the crypto, It is not always known.
So, there are 2 cases: One where you are sure that the money comes from margin or futures or trading haram crypto and the other when you are not sure of the origin of the crypto.

Thank you.

Wa alaykum salaam,

  1. When you don’t know, it’s fine and not a problem.

  2. When you do know and it is a Muslim, then it would be an issue to enter into a trade specifically for that crypto which was purchased in a non-compliant manner. If it was a non-Muslim, then it would not be an issue.