Buying gold in instalment

Assalamu alaikum. I hope you and your family are safe. Please guide the below situation!
Very recently in some websites I came to know that gold cant’ be bought in instalment (ingots, jewellery both). Again, I also found in dar al ifta site ( that jewellery can be bought in instalment as it is manufactured.
But my concern is normally everyone of our locality gives order for jewellery for their daughter/ sister marriage/otther usage. gives some base payment (as it is not easy to buy gold jewellery in a second for most of the middle class family). And when the necklace/ bracelets are completed they pay the full amount and bring the product to house. As far I know the price is specified at the day when the order was confirmed. Now is it ok? I

f not ok then what to do with the jewellery bought in such way? Please remember the jewellery was bought with halal income money. Hard earned money. :frowning_face:

What will be the case if the total price is specified at the day of product delivery but some arbitrary base payment is done at the time of deal?
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May Allah bless you.

There are 3 opinions on this issue:

  1. the majority of the scholars among the Hanafis, Malikis, Shafis and Hanbalis are of the opinion that is not permissible. Because money and gold are among the ribawi items, therefore they must be exchanged in the same sitting. However Mufti Taqi and the majority of scholars among the Indo-Pak scholars are of the opinion that today’s currency does not fall in the same category as gold, hence they consider the purchase by instalment permissible.

  2. Some scholars say it is permissible. Among them: Maliki scholar Ibn Arabi, Ibn Taymiyyah al Hanbali and his student Ibn Qayyim and a group of contemporary scholars, among this group are Rafiq Misri and Sami Suwailem. They argue that, gold that is being turned into a jewellery should be treated as any other merchandise rather than a ribawi item. Therefore, just like it is permissible to buy a non ribawi product per instalment, it is also permissible to buy gold jewelry in such manner.

  3. Some contemporary scholars such as Muhammad Al Ashqar say it is permissible if the price of the raw material (i.e. the gold), is less than the price of the jewellery making.

I am yet in the middle of researching on this matter, hence I do not have a personal opinion to offer yet.

And Allah knows best!

Thanks for you reply. But could you tell me you opinion on it? And what about the jewellery that has been bought in such way already?

Please reply when possible :frowning:

I have edited the answer please refer to the above.
@Mufti_Faraz_Adam might have a definite opinion on this.


Thanks :slight_smile: hope he will answer about purchasiing gold in instalment. But please answer my second question