Buying from a person who does not own the product

Assalamu alaikum.
For my business I buy cloth from different parts of my country, sub continent. Now is not possible for me to go to every state, district city and buy my own hands. So most of the time I buy in online form the manufacturer, wholesaler. I came to find out a guy who will work like bellow

  • he will show the products of different wholesaler to me and give me the price (including his profit). And then he will send me the cloth. And I will pay the delivery agent/company when I receive the product. That is cash on delivery.And thus the guy will get the payment. I know that he does not own the product. That is he clearly declares that he collects from different weaver/ seller and then send to me. (I don’t know whether he collects the cloth from the main seller by doing the payment, or in debt. I don’t know their agreement).

  • I ask him to find out some specific design. He will find out it. And tell me the price (with his profit. that is I don’t know how much would it really cost to buy from the main seller.). Then, if I agree then he sends me the product and I pay the delivery company when I receive the product. And thus that guy gets the money. I don’t know if he buys the product from the seller or they have their own agreement.
    Is it ok?

Enshallah Mufti answer your question soon


May Allah bless you.
Yes it’s fine. He might have a valid contract with the supplier.

And Allah knows best!

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thanks for your reply. I want to know that, for some service, we get it through a third party. Like I contact a person “X” for importing a product. I do all my dealings with him. And he is actually contracting some other importer who will mainly import it. But for me, I will do all my contact, payment, asking to Mr. X (though he completes the task using some other one). Is it ok?
please reply @Mufti_Billal

It depends if you are happy with him doing this or not to begin with?